Our Mission

CashCanopy-KISMT mission is our reason for being. It is the answer to why we exist and what our driving force is: "To make it a little bit better, everyday". This refers to investors, companies, our company and, of course, the world around us.

Our mission reflects one of our core values, long-term commitment, which we have been convinced ever since we started, is a condition for success in working towards sustainable development.

Below we explain this mission, for whom it is important and how we work towards our mission.


We make it a little bit better, everyday, for our clients, the investors, by:

  • improving the governance and performance of the companies they have invested in;
  • providing them with high quality information on companies which enables them to take more informed and better investment decisions;
  • assisting them with valuable advice and education in order to help them develop their competence, investment process, etc.


We make it a little bit better, everyday, for the companies, their management and employees by:

  • conducting a constructive dialogue with them where we strive to bring over knowledge and experiences;
  • educating and advising them on behalf of our clients, the investors, so that they are able to develop their companies to the benefit of all stakeholders that are dependent on them.


We make it a little bit better, everyday, for our company by:

  • constantly improving our methodologies and work routines in order to secure and increase CashCanopy-KISMT brand value;
  • being receptive to the market's needs and creative for tomorrow's, thereby safeguarding our front position;
  • offering work satisfaction through inspiring and rewarding tasks on the individual level as well as in terms of team work;
  • building competence by supporting our employees in collecting knowledge and sharing it with each other;
  • creating a good and healthy working environment and supporting our employees in developing a healthy lifestyle;
  • generating successful results both financially and in terms of increased client confidence, which enable us to invest further in resources for continuous improvements;
  • developing fair and mutually beneficial relationships with our business partners and assisting them in their own development.


We make it a little bit better, everyday, for the local and global community, the world around us, by:

  • assisting the investors and companies in developing strategies that will not harm the sensitive environment, which we as human beings are so dependent on, not harm people of any kind nor the culture they have developed over a long time, thereby supporting a sustainable development.