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Q1: How may I open an account in CashCanopy-KISMT?

For opening an account please visit "Creat Account"!

Q2: What is the purpose of using CashCanopy-KISMT account?

To raise funds, get financial freedom through CashCanopy-KISMT online.

Q3: How many accounts I can use with CashCanopy-KISMT?

Only one account.

Q4: How may I access to my CashCanopy-KISMT account once I got Registration information?

Click the button on the "Access Account"

Q5: How many types of CashCanopy-KISMT account?

There are 2 types of account"
i) Simple Invest Account
ii)Modern Invest Account

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Q1: What should I do if I forget my CashCanopy-KISMT account login details?

Type your username or e-mail in section Forget Password.

Q2: What should I do if my CashCanopy-KISMT account hacked via hackers?

Please contact to our Support & discuss them with your issue by provisding them you secret questin & answer.

Q3: How may I change my profile information in my CashCanopy-KISMT account?

Click the "Edit Account" button to change your profile data.

Q4: CashCanopy-KISMT helps me if I get any error or confusion in changing profile data?

Yes, sure contact Support.

Q5: How many time I can change my CashCanopy-KISMT account profile information?

You can change profile information when you feel in-secure your online contact accounts or financial accounts. Remember, for this process CashCanopy-KISMT reserve rights to ask you additional information about changes you bring in your profile.

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Q1: How can I invest with CashCanopy-KISMT?

You can start making investment with CashCanopy-KISMT by Creat Accoount then Access Account after access to main panel move mouse on "Funds Management" button after this you will view a list on the top of you will see "Make Deposit" option click on it & view available investment options in order to suit you what type of your wallet allows you.

Q2: What benefits i get while investing with CashCanopy-KISMT account?

There are thousands of web programs that are offering you raise money with them, Since 20th Century in the history many online programs came to offer you make money systems. But till today 98% of people are hopeless due to online fruadulent activities. So, by the way CashCanopy-KISMT is online for you to make solid income not much but secure & understandable. You are getting secured benefits through using CashCanopy-KISMT account & investing with CashCanopy-KISMT. 2014 is the year jumping your income with CashCanopy-KISMT & 2015 will be more solid with your career boost set-up with CashCanopy-KISMT. So why not you start from today?

Q3: How to I check my investment history with CashCanopy-KISMT?

Please look at the top of your CashCanopy-KISMT account move mouse on "History"Button choose option "Deposit History" & realize your history.

Q4: What CashCanopy-KISMT do with my money I deposit with company?

CashCanopy-KISMT is understandable website we do not confuse by telling you lie things about CashCanopy-KISMT. CashCanopy-KISMT is a natural base investment system that is not much bigger in structure. CashCanopy-KISMT are the 7 public stores of different botiques here in Cocos Island. We are running business We are also engaged to House Constrution Union in our Island. So it is all what true is.

Q5: How many deposits i can make with CashCanopy-KISMT in a day?

You can spend 10 deposits maximum.

Q6: Does CashCanopy-KISMT allow reinvestment from account balance?

Yes, we allow reinvestment from acccount balance in CashCanopy-KISMT.

Q7: I am unable to use reinvestment. Why it is unavailable?

If your initial (actual) investment from payment processor is less than $500, then you are not allowed to use reinvestment feature. You simply need to deposit remaining funds by contacting support, so it will be available for you.

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Q1: How can I withdraw my profit via CashCanopy-KISMT?

You must "Access Account" after access to main panel move mouse on "Funds Management" button after this you will view a list on the top of you will see "Withdraw" option click on it & type withdraw amount you wanna withdraw then submit request.

Q2: How many withdrawal I can withdraw in a day via CashCanopy-KISMT?

On each Withdraw Payment Session You can make a withdrawal request.

Q3: Is there any condition for withdraw funds via CashCanopy-KISMT?

You must balance in CashCanopy-KISMT account balance to withdraw funds. No more condition.

Q4: Where CashCanopy-KISMT posts daily withdrew payment states?

Click Here to see daily withdraw payment statement.

Q5: How much time CashCanopy-KISMT takes to send my profit after withdraw request?

It will take 12 to 24 hours.

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Q1: How may I get help from CashCanopy-KISMT in order to ask editional question created in my mind that not dicussed in FAQs page?

Pleae ask help via our support, Click Here to Ask More Questions.

Q2: What is CashCanopy-KISMT support staff?

CashCanopy-KISMT Support Staff upport staff members perform a variety of duties, and must be prepared to handle many tasks at once. They might be responsible for forwarding calls or important messages, or taking minutes at meetings. Some may even distribute CashCanopy-KISMT incoming mail, while others may help schedule appointments. In CashCanopy-KISMT, support workers may have to make sure supplies are ordered and shelves are stocked. Occasionally, they might also be responsible for billing and even collections.

Q3: Who is support Staff manager in CashCanopy-KISMT?

Mr. ABCD is our manager & responsible for support activities.

Q4: How much time CashCanopy-KISMT support team takes to responce my questions?

You will get responce with in 12 hours for any common question. Some times it may refer to other related departs so it can be late till 24 hours.

Q5: CashCanopy-KISMT support charge any dues for helping us?

No, feel free to ask help related CashCanopy-KISMT via CashCanopy-KISMT support.

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Q1: Who is CashCanopy-KISMT risk controler?

Our Risk Controler Depart is responsible for control risks in CashCanopy-KISMT.

Q2: How much staff members of CashCanopy-KISMT team?

CashCanopy-KISMT have upto 12 staff members.

Q3: Who is CEO of CashCanopy-KISMT?

Mr. Epassa Pasadena is CEO.

Q4: What CashCanopy-KISMT do to control funds?

CashCanopy-KISMT is purely a strong spirit business so CashCanopy-KISMT reserve own ways to control online & offline funds.

Q5: CashCanopy-KISMT Risk Controler charge any dues for helping us?

No, Its free, They get sallary through CashCanopy-KISMT & they are employer of CashCanopy-KISMT to help you.

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Q1: What is CashCanopy-KISMT?

CashCanopy-KISMT is basically a network of financial botiques in Cocos Island, CashCanopy-KISMT reserve upto 7 financial ways to generate money in Island. CashCanopy-KISMT also have a great career in earth since 1998.

Q2: How may I find latest offers via CashCanopy-KISMT?

Please view "Investor News" Via Media field in footer of website.

Q3: What is mission of CashCanopy-KISMT?

Read Our Mission Click Here.

Q4: How active are CashCanopy-KISMT controling management?

CashCanopy-KISMT controling management is active & responsible for all activities in our financial industry.

Q5: How secured is CashCanopy-KISMT structure?

CashCanopy-KISMT structure is secured & very finalize way for all world online investors to make money with us out structure is guaranteed & non-hack able. CashCanopy-KISMT use 27 ways to make CashCanopy-KISMT website hack-proof.

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Q1: What is CashCanopy-KISMT account balance?

CashCanopy-KISMT account balnce is the currency that you have in you CashCanopy-KISMT virtual account in-fact it is real money that you can withdraw to your online payment option & & then can withdraw to your destination in order to fill your data of withdrawal & use it to make your financial freedom through CashCanopy-KISMT.

Q2: Is there any chance of reversing my CashCanopy-KISMT account balance?

Yes, if you will use fraudulent funds (If you are a hacker & you put funds in CashCanopy-KISMT) then can be chance of reversing account balance. If you are honest then CashCanopy-KISMT is honest with you.

Q3: What is basic currency of CashCanopy-KISMT system?

USD is basic currency of CashCanopy-KISMT.

Q4: What I do to raise extra money through CashCanopy-KISMT?

Take part in our season offers to raise your money with CashCanopy-KISMT.

Q5: How secured are my funds in account balance of CashCanopy-KISMT?

Your funds in account balance of CashCanopy-KISMT secured as your money in bank is secured. Different is only CashCanopy-KISMT account gives you more profit then a bank saving account.

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Q1: How may I refer my relative & friends in CashCanopy-KISMT?

Please Access Account after access to main panel move mouse on "Promotion" button after this you will view a list on the top of you will see "Links" option click on it & view your referral link to invite you relatives & family.

Q2: What benefits I get through promoting CashCanopy-KISMT link?

You will get a limited profit by your under refer people you refer directly from your promotion link you copied via your CashCanopy-KISMT account.

Q3: What is best way to promote CashCanopy-KISMT any suggestion?

Facebook Marketing is best way to refer people also paste your payment proofs you get from CashCanopy-KISMT in various forums online related money making to refer unlimited people in CashCanopy-KISMT & earn extra bucks with CashCanopy-KISMT. Each your post of referral link raise your chance to make more money. After making a great reputation of linking you will able to earn while sleeping.

Q4: CashCanopy-KISMT allows me to invite my contacts through e-mail marketing?

We allows you but please do not spam to people who may not in your contacts or not related to online investment.

Q5: Can I refer world wide people who may know me or not in CashCanopy-KISMT?

Sure, you can refer.

✔ Refund Policy at CashCanopy-KISMT!

Q1: What is the refund policy at CashCanopy-KISMT?

All purchases are final. No refund will be given on any purchase. Chargebacks or disputes will lead to suspension without notice. If you have any kind of issue, contact our support through CC-Support, Email Support or Skype Live Support